Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Praising The Lord

God is real and I just want to Praise Him for all His many blessings. I as well as others have went through a lot of hard times and had a lot of sorrow in our lives. But Praise the Lord He is there for us and sees us through it all.
 My husband had passed since my last post and I had sorta lost myself. But now I am found ; Thanks to God and back to living  with all its trials and temptations.  I still miss my husband and cry sometimes but know that is something I will go through for awhile yet. The Lord will be there to comfort me when I need it. 
I did go back to church and am trying my best to be obedient to the Lord . I do enjoy life and have a better week when I go. It is so wonderful serving the Lord and it is one thing that makes me happy.
Went to church this past Sunday and had such a wonderful time in the Lord. He really moved . The Sunday school lesson, testimonies and also the Word all came together so beautiful. Everyone there enjoyed the service. God is so good and He knows just what we need.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Sunday I didn't get to go to church as I had overslept again. I am going to have to start setting my alarm clock so I can get up in time for church. I ended up doing laundry and some cleaning. But still hate that I missed church as even though I got some things done I missed going to church. Which to me is a little strange as I hadn't been going for over a year or more.But my day always goes better when I go to church, in fact the whole week does. I am so full of joy when I go, going to church is truely a blessing for me. Why do we let things come and hinder us from serving the Lord? When the things that hinder us is not going to bless us , give us joy, happiness, and peace or even save our souls? The only thng that happens is we get depressed, worried, angry and discouraged. If only we could stop when these things come to us and say stop, hold on I want some happiness, some joy, some peace so I am going to Praise the Lord because He gives us all these things when we praise and worship Him. This is what I want to be able to say.
I will bless the Lord and His Praise shall continually be in my mouth.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Made For Praise

The message today at church was on Worship. Everyone was just praising the Lord and worshipping Him. Truely a moving service. The service today just confirmed what I believed all along that man was made to Praise the Lord. Praising the Lord can lift you up above all the things happening in the world as well as your life. When Praising God , sadness , depression, hurts, pain all leave. Your spirit is renewed and you are filled with peace, joy and faith that everything will be alright. You know that the Lord loves you and you are blest.
I went up for prayer for my knees and the Pastor spoke a word to me that suprised me but yet made me feel good as it let me know that I am God's child. I always claimed it but it was nice that God lead the Pastor of a huge congregation speak to me what he seen. Now I can't just sit back and accept all the blessings of the Lord and not give something in return. That something has to be giving myself completely to the Lord and being obediant to His will. And believe me when I write that is not a easy thing to do. As we are still flesh and have our own spirit with our own desires. We are like children in a way when a parent tells them to do or not to do something the children do just the opposite. And we sad to say do the same when our Heavenly Father speaks to us. We try and run away to keep from doing what He wants. But Praise the Lord we can't hide and neither can we continue to run. Love is always there when we decide to stop running and hiding and say yes Lord.
I am so glad to know that the Lord loves me unconditionally. My hope now is to be able to say I please the Lord. And I will make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Allelujah!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Blessing

The Lord is so good. I got my phone bill the other day and my stomach just dropped and I felt like crying. I had no idea what to do . That phome bill was $3,290.and some cents. I thought surely there was a mistake or something. So I called the phone company, but no it was right. I had added a cell phone to the account for my son and he had talked over the minutes I had chosen for him plus had used the internet on his cell phone which was over 2,000 dollars. Anyway the person put me in touch whith someone else who they thought could help. And Praise the Lord he did. The man said since it was a new service that was added and my son was probably unsure of what he was doing they would give me a one time credit. So they credited my bill with over $2000.00 and left me owing a bill of $ 361.00 of which I immediately paid $300.
God is so good. Now I do have other bills I was unable to pay on account of having to pay even that; but Praise the Lord I know He will make a way that I can pay them too by the end of this month .
I know there is a recession but I do believe God will meet and supply all our needs.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I read another blog about reconciliation and it got me to thinking. How so many believers fall by the wayside but yet are not lost. The Lord wants to bring us to reconciliation with Him. And His Mercy and Grace is ours if we only accept it. As we are His children and He loves us. That is what I am trying to do , pick myself up repenting and reconcile myself with the Lord. But I need to stop judging myself and my service to the Lord. I realize that if we look at ourselves we will not be the individual God wants us to be as we will always feel we can't do it and are not worthy. But His Grace is sufficient and He makes us worthy. Building on the Word of Truth we can be who the Lord has called or chosen us to be.
Lord forgive us and help us to press on toward the mark of the prize of the High Calling you have given us.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Change Is Coming

I have not been going to church for sometime. I was traveling to another town for services every week. But the members started dwindling and ended up with only about 7. I felt it was time to leave too and seek a new church home, preferably one in the town I live in. But after awhile I gave up looking. Then I would go to the club where my husband worked and didn't think anymore about going to church. Oh how easily it is to slip into a state of complicity. ( meaning: a association or participation in OR as if in a wrongful act). But a change has to be made in my life and I am looking forward to going back to church once again. I have missed the Word and the joy of being in a Worship Service.I did visit a church a couple Sundays ago and enjoyed it. This Sunday I am planning on going to another one. It is a big church and I like the smaller ones but I think this may be where the Lord is leading me to go.I have been there about 3 times before and the Minister has read my spiritual e mail. (smiles) In his sermon he would mention a song I sang when I was taking a bath, another time he preached a sermon on what I had prayed about, then another time his sermon was on a scripture I had read that morning while drinking my coffee. I am sure the Lord will let me know if it is the right one or if I have to visit some more. Some would say I have been running from the Lord but I have been sitting down on the Lord. But I need to get up and start running for the Lord. He has been so good to me and I thank Him for His Grace , Mercy and Love. I need to start once more building on the Conerstone of Love.