Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Praising The Lord

God is real and I just want to Praise Him for all His many blessings. I as well as others have went through a lot of hard times and had a lot of sorrow in our lives. But Praise the Lord He is there for us and sees us through it all.
 My husband had passed since my last post and I had sorta lost myself. But now I am found ; Thanks to God and back to living  with all its trials and temptations.  I still miss my husband and cry sometimes but know that is something I will go through for awhile yet. The Lord will be there to comfort me when I need it. 
I did go back to church and am trying my best to be obedient to the Lord . I do enjoy life and have a better week when I go. It is so wonderful serving the Lord and it is one thing that makes me happy.
Went to church this past Sunday and had such a wonderful time in the Lord. He really moved . The Sunday school lesson, testimonies and also the Word all came together so beautiful. Everyone there enjoyed the service. God is so good and He knows just what we need.